Concert Tours For Amateur Ensembles

ACFEA Tour Consultants is the world leader in planning value-for-money, quality concert tours for amateur choirs and  school music groups, arranging well attended concerts in suitable venues. With administrative centres in the UK and USA, it has exclusive local representatives embedded in their musical communities, worldwide.

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  • ACFEA Tour Consultants has 60 years of genuine worldwide coverage with clients from all continents and tours to every part of the world
  • All ACFEA staff are practising musicians
  • All tours are individually tailored to the budget, aspirations and ability of each ensemble
  • ACFEA’s exclusive representatives keep abreast of local developments in their countries, recommending and researching the best venues
  • ACFEA Tour Consultants maintains a pool of highly trained and experienced multi-lingual tour leaders. Conductors can concentrate on musical issues
  • ACFEA Tour Consutants is delighted to negotiate and  include clients’ own contacts: homestays, twinned-school or twinned-town arrangements reciprocal visits etc.
  • Full Health & Safety and risk assessments to the highest standards - the School Travel Forum. Staff trained and tested annually as assessors



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